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Mean Girl Blogger?

So, you knew this was coming right??

Yesterday we talked about Good Girl Bloggers and today…the Mean Girl Blogger.

Mean Girls are everywhere. If you have little girls, you know that this is true. As moms we try to protect our kids from these types of girls, but the sad thing is that these girls grow up…into mean women. And usually they run in packs–until they devour each other.

So, to avoid these qualities, lets pinpoint them.

A Mean Girl Blogger:

1. Uses tactics to draw attention to herself, such as emoting, exploding, sulking, accusing, etc…

2. Has a victim mentality and uses it to punish. I understand that bad things happen to all of us, and some things are horrific. But telling about your experience is different than unleashing venom. And forgiveness is essential if you are a Christian.

3. Is quick to point out the faults of others, but seems a tad bit blind to their own faults.

4. Has a negative, preachy tone. Like Emily said “We don’t want your loveless art.” here

5. Comments in the heat of the moment. Blogs are great places for discussions, but if you cannot control your tongue in real life, then be super careful about writing when you are angry. Words spoken IRL may disapper, but when you write them out…they never go away.

6. Promote themselves for the wrong reasons. Nothing wrong with a great business model. But when you become cut throat and loveless, that is a problem.

7. Use others to get what they want. Peter always says that God intended us to “use our things to love others”, but in reality we use people because we love thing. So backwards!

8. Use words as a weapon. Gossip, slander, name dropping. A drive by shooting if you will.

9. Cannot love others, because they are so consumed with themselves. Not that they want to love others…but you know…


I don’t know. I can’t really think of anymore, and I don’t want to dwell on the negative. ┬áIdeas?