Inexpensive Way to Organize Your Scarves

We were spring cleaning closets today, and I was thinking of ways to organize all of our scarves.  I love scarves. They are an instant pick-me-up to any outfit. But mine were a mess–just thrown in a box,  hung on a hook, or whatever. So my daughter Emily came up with this idea. Ta-da! Hang them on a coat hanger with shower curtain rings ($1.50 @ Walmart). Then you can hang them neatly in your closet.  Simple, easy and inexpensive! :)

If you have woven or knit scarves, just be careful when you pull them out to not pull them where the shower ring clasp is!

Do you have any inexpensive storage tips to share?

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  1. Anita A. says:

    Great idea! Very smart!

  2. Very practical…and inexpensive!! This way they probably don’t wrinkle much, right?

  3. Amber Hummel says:

    That is a great idea! I am sure I will use this one!

  4. Kate Wilson says:

    I love this! It’s how I used to have my scarves organized until one of my friends gave me an actual scarf hanger (who knew they even existed?). But I’d never spend money on special hangers that I could only use for one type of item. This idea is the perfect way to store them without having to spend extra cash. :)

  5. Lisa Nee says:

    Fantastic idea!! I’m using it. Tell Emily I said thank you.