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Homeschooling {or not} During Times of Crisis

Wednesday morning, all was normal. I was sitting behind an observation window, chatting and drinking iced coffee with my sister Hannah while our girls tumbled and jumped at their gymnastics lesson. I received a startling phone call that Peter’s mom had several strokes that morning and was now in the hospital. After an extremely high risk surgery, she is still recovering in the ICU tonight.

I have to tell you, that after a week like this, I am all the more thankful that we homeschool our kids. School schedule is never a thought during a crisis. Learning is a lifestyle and not an artificial time slot we need to worry about making the kids fill. I’m not stressing about whether we’ll get lessons done today or tomorrow. They’ll get done. We’ll do their math when we are ready. We have all day or all week if we need it.

We took the kids to Woodneck Beach today in Falmouth, MA. So peaceful and beautiful.
We took the kids to Woodneck Beach today in Falmouth, MA. So peaceful and beautiful.

Homeschooling has allowed us to really be “all there” in a family emergency. Yes, by the end of the year I am ready to pack all of our books away and never ever look at them again, but in so many ways, homeschooling has helped us to tailor our lives around what is most important to us.

It was important for the kids to be with their grandmother at 11pm as she’s coming out of the surgical unit. It is important that they sleep in after an emotionally stressful night. It was important that we have a family day today after this type of week.

I’m sure homeschooling has many weaknesses and just a week ago I would have been ready to rattle them off to you because I.just.want.to.be.done.

But tonight, I’m thankful for it.

I hear so often, “I don’t know how you homeschool five kids!” And tonight, I have to say, I don’t know how women who don’t homeschool do it!