Free Watercolor Download

One of my favorite hobbies is painting with watercolor. I also love adding verses and poetry to pictures for around my home.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy this watercolor, that you are free to print and use for your own personal use. It is my way of saying thank you for reading here.

It is a lighthouse on the coast of Maine, and some friends of ours took us there for the day and we ate lunch right there on the rocks at a great seafood restaurant. This picture reminds me that our lives and homes are lighthouses for the lost and hurting of this world.

You can click on the picture for a bigger photo.




  1. Emmy Rachel says:

    I love this, but what happened to the other lighthouse with the sunset behind it? I might like that one better…

  2. Moni says:

    Portland Head Light. I’m a lover of lighthouses. Have a Lighthouse Board on Pinterest. Thanks for offering this to us. Your watercolors are beautiful. I am going to print this one, frame it and put it beside the collage of lighthouses that I have that Caleb Lord drew. I’m smiling all over the place!

    • Sarah Beals says:

      I am glad it makes you happy. I have another coming…not quite done, but it is Nausett Light. I’ll post it soon, so you can add to your collection.

  3. Cherri says:

    I love lighthouses and love your picture! Thanks for sharing it with us and allowing us to copy it! You are so talented, Sarah!

  4. Karen says:

    A beautiful watercolor! What a generous and kind way to use your gifts from the Lord…I would download, but I only have a black and white printer. :)
    I read your other post about the yard sale for missions..awesome! The Lord really takes care of so many things, doesn’t He!
    You might find your art (hobbies) useful in this way as well.
    In our area, the city celebrates the Victorian days with a Victorian Stroll. So area businesses and groups have open houses and advertise items for the Christmas season. We have done crafts and baked goods and raised money for our youth group, our pregnancy care center (Alight, by name with the logo of a lighthouse),and one year it was for sending our teens on a mission trip.
    Anyway, Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the rest of us!

  5. Lisa Maria says:

    Hi Sarah

    What a beautiful watercolour! Lighthouses are very special to me and I’m always happy to have another picture of one. They remind me of what I believe is my mission from God…to be a light shining brightly for Him. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    God bless!