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For When You’re Burnt Out.

Burnout, auto-pilot, going through the motions, grit-your-teeth-and-take-the- next-step-by-sheer-willpower.

These are all “states” that we can get into in our Christian walk.

To be honest, it is easier to keep going in this miserable state than to stop and self evaluate.

It is always easier to be busy than to be still.

Usually when we’ve lost joy/desire for God it is because we are desiring lesser things: entertainment, fun, sleep, leisure, food, drink, pleasures, position.

And when all consumed with all temporal things, we are empty of spiritual.

And God allows us to pursue lesser things to bring us to the end of ourself and to eventually make us long for Him all the more.

“So it is that He allows us to be frustrated and disappointed in our strivings after this or that end until at last He comes to us and says, “My child, I never promised you that if you would surrender, repent and get right with Me, you would have an eased situation, great power, success in your sevice or even revival. What I do promise you is that if you will walk with ME and allow Me to show you sin as soon as it comes in, and cleanse you from it, you will have not these things but — Me. Make Me your desired End and you will surely have that end , and you shall be satisfied, lacking nothing that is in the will of God for you.”- Roy Hession

If you are burnt out, get back to the basics: Reading God’s word, meditating on it so it can change you, prayer and fellowship with other growing believers. Not so that you can “feel” better, or as a cure for self, which again, would be a lesser thing—but to take refuge and to know the best end: Jesus Christ.

What can you do today to kill your desire for lesser things and strengthen your desire for the Lord?