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Favorite Things This Weekend

Favorite Things This Weekend

Happy Saturday! I hope you get some down time this weekend to rest and reflect and spend some time doing things that refresh your soul.

This weekend I’m fighting a cold, so I’ve had some extra time to read and rest, a gift I’m thankful for.


I wanted to thank you all for your input into my busyness study. I’ll be revisiting that topic in the next few weeks, but for those who asked here’s the link to my talk on Sermon Audio if you’d like to have a listen.

Here are a few of my favorite things around the web this week. Enjoy!


This article, Burnout Begins With Bad Theology from Desiring God. “What I do instead of sleep shines a spotlight on my idols, whether it be late-night football, cultivating my online persona, surfing the Internet, ministry success, or promotion. Why sleep when it does nothing to burnish my reputation or advance my glory?” Of course, I agree with the exception that sometimes babies interrupt our sleep and we can do nothing about that–but I get what the author is saying, completely. Caring for your babies is NOT spotlighting idolatry, obviously. Okay, then. Moving on…

If you have teen daughters, this article Marry The Man Who Stays is an excellent read in a superstar culture. Quiet faithfulness is a quality to look for!

Also, if you have teens you need to read this anonymous letter. Could your teen have written it? (PS. I can’t find it in the sea of comments but the saddest comment was something along this line: “My father was a pastor, so I never had a father. Now my husband is a pastor, so I never have a husband.”  MY HEART. It is NOT the job of the church to influence your kids hearts, though it’s a great benefit of going to church. If you are too busy for your kids, you are TOO BUSY.)


Fascinating story of librarians-on-horseback who delivered books during the height of the Great Depression. What a treat that must have been for the recipients!

This story of a family alone and lost in iSiberia for 40 years--and how they survived. World War 2 came and went and they never knew. Crazy!


King Arthur’s Chai Spiced Pound Cake looks amazing. Planning to make it this week!

If you have fresh tomatoes in abundance, Marcella Hazan’s famous recipe is adapted here for fresh tomatoes. Made a huge batch this week and it’s delicious with lots of fresh Romano! This is a simple, delicious sauce.


Dyslexie font was created to help kids who struggle with Dyslexia. Thought it was ingenious!

If your child needs extra help in Grammar, this site offers free online practice. We really like this site.

The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergarteners of Finland is a thoughtful read. Plus, I’m part Finnish, so…;)


Enjoy your weekend! If you have any great links or want to share from your own site, share them in the comments!