Family Update and Book Recommendation!

How do you explain it when you are on the launch team of your friend’s newly released book “Gracelaced”, and through a series of unfortunate events and mail-mishaps, the MIA book lands straight in your lap two weeks “late”

the very week your doctor uses the dreaded word (cancer) and your child’s name in the same sentence and tells you that you’ll need to set up a biopsy?

How do you describe the ministry of paint mixed with scripture and gospel-words that flow off the page and straight into your hurting heart?

I call it a gift from God.

As I sat on my back patio last week, a bundle of nerves, fighting fear, God used Ruth’s book to comfort and challenge my thinking.



I want to tell you about Ruth’s book because it is so jam-packed with truth on every page:
“Look past the thorn to how Christ is enough in the midst of it. His grace is sufficient for the thorn He chooses not to remove.”
“Joseph fixed his eyes on the ultimate purpose of his affliction: to know the Lord’s faithfulness to accomplish His will in and through a life dependent on Him.”
“You don’t have to be blooming to be growing, so don’t give up. God demonstrating His glory through your dependency is your real story…”
“I know from experience that it is loving for God not to leave me to myself. Ease, comfort, self-sufficiency, pride, love for self, and inattentiveness to sin will all prevent true growth if left unattended.”
“We call if forgiveness when we’ve moved on, but I think forgiveness is when you let tenderness move in.”

It want to recommend this beautiful book to you (it’s still on pre-sale for nearly half price on Amazon!) and THANK YOU for praying for our daughter. We went on Friday to the surgeon and received the best possible news: the spot in question is just plain gone, friends. No biopsy needed as it’s gone without a trace. No scarring. No remnant. Nothing. We are in shock and awe and so very thankful to God for answering our prayer.

*This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. I received this book free and this review is my honest assessment.

12 thoughts on “Family Update and Book Recommendation!”

  • Sarah, I’m so happy that you received good news!! The Lord is so good!!! Thank you for the book recommendation as well. I will have to look into it! <3

  • How thankful I am to the Lord for the good news you received and that your daughter is well!! All praise to Him!! I received Ruth’s book two weeks ago. It has been very encouraging. Such a blessing. ” We don’t have to be blooming to be growing” was so freeing, so peaceful, to read. The voices in this world place so many wrong expectations on us. It is good to be reminded through God’s word and well grounded sisters what is TRUTH!
    God bless you!

    • It is such a beautiful book. I read a lot and sometimes it all starts to sound the same. Not this book. I love it!! God bless you!

  • Such wonderful news for you all!!! Praise to God for His mercy and grace 🙂 I’ve preordered Ruth’s book and am so excited to receive it!

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