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 Merry Christmas, Meager Budget eBook is here!



Let’s face it, this economy is tough and everyone is feeling the pinch. My sister Beth and I wrote this book to give you tips, tutorials and plain old Yankee know-how to help you:

  • Limit your spending during the holiday season.
  • Plan your calendar so you don’t run yourself ragged.
  • Decorate your home on a dime.
  • Create thoughtful gifts on a limited budget.
  • Whip up some delicious recipes in the kitchen.
  • Create fun memories for your kids without breaking the bank.
So, if just the thought Christmas tires you or you feel it has become more a test of endurance than the joyous holiday it was meant to be, you might consider finding some inspiration in this book.
Chapters Include:
  1. Rejecting Commercialism and Embracing What’s Important
  2. Four Sisters and What We Love
  3. Making Memories Without Breaking The Bank
  4. Rethinking Christmas Goals
  5. Old-Fashioned, Farmhouse Inspired Crafts
  6. Holiday Fun for the Frugal Family
  7. Twenty-six Boredom Busters for Little Ones
  8. Cozy Up Your Home For Christmas
  9. Merry Gifts to Make {$10 or less}
  10. Gifts for Children
  11. Your Favorite Frugal Ideas
  12. Favorite Family Recipes
  13. Advent Verses For Children
  14. Free Printable Christmas Tags and Labels
117 pages, $4.99

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  1. Linda Harju says:

    LOVE IT !!!

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  3. This is a GREAT ebook, Sarah! I commend you on a job well done and hope many ladies will take advantage of such a helpful resource!

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  7. Chuppdate #7 says:

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  12. Lisa says:

    I have tried several times to purchase this and it just keeps saying that I have saved the information but nothing happens. I do not have a PayPal account.

    • Sarah Beals says:

      Hmmm, Lisa. Does it take you to eJunkie and tell you that you’ve completed a payment? Let me know.

      • Lisa says:

        no it lets me enter the information from my card and sits there it never completes the transaction it says I have already entered the information for my card :(

        • SJBeals says:

          Let me take care of that for you!

          • Lisa says:

            Well I’m sorry I tried again a few minutes ago and got this messag “You have already signed up with this account information” when I used my card. I will give up. Enjoy your holidays :)

  13. Lisa says:

    I would really appreciate it because I can’t wait to read your ebook :)

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  15. […] you find yourself, your holiday planning won’t be complete without one thing – this super frugal e-book from friend and fellow blogger Sarah Beals at Joy-Filled Days and her sister Beth […]

  16. Becky Cormier says:

    I’m trying to order with my credit card, and I, too, am getting the message “You have already signed up with this account information.” :( Please help as I’d really like to read this ebook!

  17. I love perusing your web site. Thanks!

  18. Muriel says:

    I’m trying to purchase the ebook for Merry Christmas, Meager Budget and it says it isn’t a valid address when I click add to cart :-(

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