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Commit Your Day To God

My childhood pastor taught me an important lesson.

He would say, “Commit your day to God. Surrender it.”

Verbally say it.  Pray it.

Commit your goals and dreams, your moments, your children, your husband and your desires to Him.

Commit all that you have and are to Him. 

Surrender it all. Give it up.

It looks like this:

“God, my life is yours today. You control all things and I want you to control me. Move me. Mold me in your ways.

Let my life bring YOU glory and honor.

Let my words, my actions, my motives, my desires—-> be Yours.

I bow my life. Use me.”

This simple prayer of dedication helps me to realize my place in this world. I tend to make big of myself, so I need a daily reminder that He must increase and I must be made small.