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Coffee Helping Missions

Last week, my daughter and I had a lovely conversation about big picture Christian living as a woman and how that plays out in our daily life. One thing that is clear to me is that Rebekah has a heart to encourage missionaries and women in many different situations and stages of life.

Of course, I’m partial, but Rebekah is one of my favorite women because she’s always looking for ways to do little things to encourage others behind the scenes, and help them succeed.

She told me about her missionary friend, Lisa Mayfield and her husband Jeff who are headed to Ecuador to plant churches, and her desire to encourage them.

Today she sent me this wonderful way that we can all support missions by doing something we already do: buy coffee.


Have you heard of Coffee Helping Missions? You can find all the info here, at Coffee Helping Missions.

100% of the profits from every bag of coffee you purchase goes to support missions work through Biblical Ministries Worldwide. And you can choose the missionary you want to support with your purchase. WIN-WIN.

Coffee!! Oh, how I love you!! Hot, iced, pumpkin spiced. And now I love you even more.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.40.18 PM
I’m really excited to order a bag and support Rebekah’s friends, the Mayfields. If you are interested in supporting missions, why don’t you give Coffee Helping Missions a try.

Have you used this service to support missions? Do you know other BMW missionaries that are supportable via this website? Share their name in the comments!