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Christmas Devotional Winner Announced and Lots of Pics of Our Pinterest Party

We’re announcing the two winners of the  Christmas Devotional “Rejoicing In Christ the Newborn King” today.

The winners are Becky(rcraven@) and Rebecca (becbud@)!!!

I’ll be emailing you both shortly! Congratulations!

Oh, and by far, you agreed that your favorite Christmas carol was “O Holy Night.”

And not to spoil it for you, but have you ever heard this rendition of O Holy Night? It cracks me up every time I hear it. At first I felt really, really bad for him, and thought, “Oh, that’s just so horrible, bless his heart! He has no idea how bad he sounds!” until he gets to the chorus and then I’m thinking, “Make it stop!!” lol

Also, today’s my husband’s birthday and I wanted to mention what a blessing Peter is to me. He’s totally easy going and funny and makes our lives so much fun. He encourages me as I write here, to all of you, and always jokes that JoyFilledDays is his “fave” blog. (He’s not online much, so, it’s probably the only blog he frequents.)

I love this pic because it's a common one. Daddy sitting by the light reading and the kids snuggling in to hear him. Melt!
I love this pic because it’s a common one. Daddy sitting by the light reading and the kids snuggling in to hear him. Melt!


Anyways, I have to share something about him that really touches me every time I “happen” upon it. Very often, I’ll roll over in the middle of night, maybe 3 a.m., and Peter will be gone. I get up quietly, to check to make sure he’s okay. I tiptoe into the kitchen and through to the breezeway, and I’ll see a dim light on in the breezeway. I often see the back of him, kneeling, praying in the dark in front of our couch. I don’t want to disturb him so I tiptoe back to bed and fall asleep easily knowing that my husband is up praying for our family. You have no idea how this scene has impacted my walk with Christ! A guy who forsakes sleep to talk with his God during the night is the best in my book! I’m so thankful for him and his great testimony to me and the kids.

Also wanted to share a few pics from a “Pinterest Party” I had with my sisters and a couple of crafty friends. I don’ t usually post pics of parties I throw, because I can’t always invite everyone and it seems like talking about plans that you’ve made in front of someone who was not invited. {rude! I wish you all could have been here!} But, I wanted to share this event with you, because I was thinking as we were working away, that each of us in the room was smiling and having fun, but in reality, every one of us there has our secret pain, weaknesses, struggles and problems, yet when we join together to do something as simple as making something pretty for our home, we can encourage and strengthen each other just by being together. Just because someone is smiling on the outside doesn’t mean that all is well for them on the inside. We need each other!  Friendship is a good gift from the Lord!

So, We tried our hand at making fresh wreaths and they turned out so beautiful. We all brought greenery from our yards so we had quite the variety to choose from, and the results were so rich looking, when in fact, they only cost about $3-$5 to make. We had a great time eating, chatting, and crafting the night away to Bing Crosby Christmas music. :)

Blurry pic, but the finished product! Lovely!
Blurry pic, but the finished product! Lovely!







craft night sarah and danielle


These two old ladies were in our youth group once upon a time ago. :)
These two old ladies were in our youth group once upon a time ago. :)
finished product
finished product