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My daughter got married last weekend, so this week has been purposefully quieter for me. I scheduled large chunks of time to catch up on my rest, read, go to the beach with the family, “do lunch” several times in Plymouth, and spend time with a few friends. We also had dinner company several times this week which is always fun and we celebrated my daughter, Emily’s 21st birthday with outings and shopping and lunch and good cake. It was just such an enjoyable week.

This week, we’re back to our normal pace–driving kids to work, play dates, errands, mentoring two younger women, getting ready for another homeschooling year–  but I feel refreshed and up to whatever God calls me to do.

Today, I thought I’d share a few pics from our week and a few links to resources that might refresh and encourage you.

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A little blurry from my iPhone but...

A little blurry from my iPhone but…

Beautiful beach at low tide. The kids love wading in the 12" skim of water and it's perfect for a toddler.

Beautiful beach at low tide. The kids love wading in the 12″ skim of water and it’s perfect for a toddler.

Delish appetizer at Anna's Harborside in Plymouth.

Delish appetizer at Anna’s Harborside.


Really enjoying this book. Love reading about Muller’s prayer life.

My hydrangea tree is in full bloom so my mantle will always have blooms. :)

My hydrangea tree is in full bloom so my mantle will always have blooms. :)

Have you read Delighted in God, the story of George Muller? He is famous for ministering for years and never taking a salary, but trusted God to provide for his needs through prayer.

“For George Muller, putting Biblical prayer principles into practice resulted not only in spectacular answers, but also a growth in an attractive personal holiness. Those who knew him spoke of a ‘smile which so habitually lit up his eyes and played over his features that he left its impress on the lines of his face’. And although he relished a joy which was wholesome and free from malice, nobody was inclined to engage in idle chatter in his presence. They sensed he walked with God.”

I was greatly encouraged to see the ever-important tool of Christian hospitality used to influence the life, ministry, and ideals of George Muller.  In Muller’s early years, as he was still figuring out what God wanted for him to do, he attended a church meeting and was greatly moved by one of the preachers. He said that he didn’t agree with everything the minister said, but he was struck with his earnestness. After the church service, he inquired about the pastor, and the pastor invited him to stay with him for ten days in his home. Mueller recorded, “Through the instrumentality of his brother the Lord bestowed a great blessing upon me, for which I shall have cause to thank Him throughout eternity.” It is said that this man’s 10 day hospitality influenced and shaped Mueller’s ministry.

I Thessalonians 2 talks about Paul’s ministry to the Thessalonians how he had the gospel in the forefront of his mind as he “was among them”, and how he modeled the way to live by his gentle, non-demanding demeanor that wasn’t out for self-glory, and how he was ready to not only share the gospel message, “our own selves.” 

I don’t know about you, but the women who have influenced me the most are the ones who spent time with me and talked through issues and life with me.

If you really desire to disciple anyone, it can’t be from an arms length distance. It’s not when you’re “not busy” or when it’s “convenient.” You don’t talk “at them.” It’s side-by-side, walking through life, giving of your time, so they can see your actions, reactions, traditions, lifestyle, and demeanor. And obviously, a godly lifestyle is the great qualifier for being an effective mentor. Someone who is full of great opinions or strong preferences but who lacks a godly testimony is not helping the cause of Christ. They’re actually making it look bad.

I know I’ve said this before, but your home is the perfect place to minister for the gospel and to encourage younger women to persevere and trust God. It’s one of the most underused tools in the church today and I was blessed to see how influential it was in the life of young George Muller.

Other links you might enjoy::

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That’s about it. Have a great weekend. Let me know what articles you enjoyed and share them with us on our Facebook page or in the comments.

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Favorite Things This Weekend

Here are some of my favorite things this week! When you have a minute, check them out!

1. One of my favorite Bible Storybooks for Children, the Jesus Storybook Bible. It comes with an audio cd (the guy who reads it has a pleasant British accent) and Hopie loves listening to the stories. I was afraid that Hope would be too old for it, but we all enjoy it! I love the worldview: most of the stories point to the Christ’s redemption plan. Excellent! Buy it here. (this version has the cd’s)

2. Are you trying to clean up your kids from the outside in? Moralism is a huge danger and every parent should be aware of this. If you are loosing your teens, perhaps you have been practicing a lesser gospel? Steve Haftler explains in his article Morality is NOT the Gospel.

3. This article about in Joy’s 3 C’s Series–Consistent Training. This series has been full of wisdom for young moms, so check it out!  (Note: She does reference Anne Voskamp’s work, which I cannot fully endorse in good conscience. The particular article she links to on AV’s site is excellent.) This chart, here, should be printed and used in every home in America. 😉

4. This made me chuckle—-> A Formal Resignation and I think this lady has the right idea. :)

5.The Benefits of a Mentor and How to Get One  over at Simple Mom’s website. It is always wise to seek help from someone who is further along in the journey than you are in a particular area. I have personally sought out mentors (formally and informally) for different topics. Homeschooling, marriage, child training, etc. Loved this article.

6. Oh, and did you get the spring Pottery Barn catalog? I love looking through it and getting DIY ideas for my house! I usually end up “getting the look” by shopping at Marshall’s, HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. 😉

Have a happy weekend!

When God Says “I AM,” He is.

Ladies Luncheon with some friends.

This weekend at our ladies luncheon our guest speaker, Mrs. Pat Berg, spoke on how much God loves us and then asked if we really believed that. She knew that intellectually we would say yes. But in our day to day living, does our life and testimony reflect a woman who is resting in the love of God?

It is a good question, because many times our actions say otherwise. Our beliefs determine our actions and our actions display/betray our beliefs.

When God says “I AM”, He is.  When God says that He loves us, He does.


Question is, am I living each day believing what He says is true, or have I formulated my own ideas about what God is like? He tells us what he is like in his word, the Bible. Do my ideas about God match his description? Am I self deceived?

Here are just a few excerpts from the Psalms:

The Lord:

Is a shield for me (3:3)

Is my sustainer (3:5)

Will bless the righteous (5:12)

Will receive my prayer(6:9)

Is a refuge for the oppressed(9:9)

Is my rock, fortress and deliverer(18:2)

Is my strength, my high tower (18:2)

Is my shepherd(23:1)

If God is for us, who can be against us? Who can separate us from the love of God?

Thankful that God chose a relationship with us. He initiated it, and made it possible. Praying for grace to believe all that His word tells me about himself and for the desire to obey Him fully.

A rule I have had for years is: to treat the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal friend. His is not a creed, a mere doctrine, but it is He Himself we have. ~ Dwight L. Moody

God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him –Hudson Taylor

Oh, how great peace and quietness would he possess who should cut off all vain anxiety and place all his confidence in God. –Thomas A. Kempis

Places To Visit This Weekend

I enjoyed these posts this week and maybe they will inspire you…

Courtney’s article  about our children taking up lots of time and energy. Say it out loud—”My child is a blessing!”

Elizabeth’s article is inspiring for those of us who are tempted to whine when things don’t go our own way…whaaaa!!  I know Elizabeth, and what makes this article so vibrant to me is that she is chronically ill and STILL has such a positive outlook.

Need some spring decorating inspiration? Check out The Lettered Cottage, and beware of coveting! :)

And when life gives you lemons…or if your whole family is sick, look for the best in it. Loved this article. 

AND if the above article doesn’t help (he,he) and you are tempted to quit, consider joining the  “SOBER Club“…”Sick of Being Responsible” :) You gotta love Sally Clarkson.

Have a great weekend!

Use a Little Tact, Rachel Lynde.

Had to share this funny article on using tact when dealing with others  from  The Modern Mrs. Darcy and a video to brighten your day.