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Blooming Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Yesterday, I walked out onto my front patio and noticed a little surprise.

Peter also mentioned them- little pansies growing between our foundation and our blue stone patio.

I saw them again this morning, and thought “How is it thriving there? Blooming between a “rock and a hard spot?” The spigot from our hose is right above it dripping cold water on it…drip, drip, drip.

We can bloom in our environment as well. The conditions don’t have to be perfect. They may be harsh, cold and unexpected. They may not be what you planned. Maybe you have the continual dripping of  problems all around you. Maybe there is someone who is trying to throw cold water on you- trying to harm, undermine, insult or destroy you.  Trials cannot destroy us. (read that post here) And during them, we can still thrive, like my little pansies.

Thank you, Lord, for this example to me this morning, of  a little flower, blooming and doing what it is supposed to do, even in harsh conditions. May I praise you, even in the hard spots of life, and bloom and declare your glory.