Are You a Good Girl Blogger?


Blogging is the wild west of the internet.

With one touch of a button, you can publish words that have the potential to reach thousands. And your words matter. (Matt. 12:36)

And for the Christian blogger, blogging is an extention of our words. So let me ask you, are you a Good Girl Blogger?

A Good Girl Blogger:

  1. Is responsible with her words.
  2. Accurately represents Christ, his Word and his church. There is more at stake than just your blog.
  3. Uplifts and promotes others more than herself.
  4. Represents herself fairly and honestly. No imaginary worlds.
  5. Is discerning and cautious with what she shares. We don’t let it all out, thank you very much.
  6. Comments on other blogs with care and for the right reasons.
  7. Is not a “respecter” of persons…even in blogland. The same care should be given to “small” bloggers as we would a bigger blogger.
  8. Is careful to bring God glory. It is all about Him.
  9. When praise comes, she purposefully deflects any praise to the correct source. Just as the moon does not shine by itself, but simply reflects the light of the sun, we must give praise back to God, realizing that w/o Him, we are nothing.
  10. Uses her time wisely and plans out her blog time. She does not neglect her children, husband or home for any hobby.

What other qualities make a good girl blogger?


  1. Great points! Thanks!

  2. This is so important to process/pray through.
    I appreciate every, single one of your points.

    Maybe I’d add–
    …reads what is online with discernment, filtering it through the lens of God’s Word.
    …assumes the best, when it comes to the motives (or the written words) of others.

    So appreciate you Sarah.