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30 Great Devotional Books For Your Kids

Looking for some great devotional books for your kid’s library? 

As a Christian parent, teaching our kids about God is a matter of duty. It is commanded and expected.

Moms often ask me for devotional recommendations for their kids, so today I thought I’d put them all in one spot.  Hopefully this will help as you try to build your own library! We’ve read and used each of these books with our kids.

An asterisk near it means that there were things that we didn’t totally agree with in the book, but that it is still a wonderful resource. Just use discretion, as always.

Read Aloud for Young Children:

This book by Kenneth Taylor is now out of print. You can get used copies via Amazon for under $1.  This was our ALL TIME favorite book when the kids were toddlers. The pictures are beautifully inspiring! (great art is always a good thing!) The book is the perfect little size for chubby little hands. The newer updates are not nearly as nice. If you can find this used, grab it! :) There is also an Old Testament Version


Read aloud to all ages:

**Training Hearts, Teaching Minds teaches the Shorter Catechism in a family read aloud format. We did not agree with all applications, but it was excellent.   

Books I read at the breakfast table:


Girls especially enjoyed:

Pre-Teen, Teen, Mother/Daughter Books:


Boys especially enjoy:

Pre-teen to Teen guys:

The Book I always kept beside my Bible in the early days:

Hope this is a helpful list for you!

What titles would you add?

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